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Glacial Materials LLC is a New York Limited Liability Company who is locally managed and funded by local investors from Western New York.  Glacial Materials sits on 325 pictueresque acres on Rt 16  in the town of Yorkshre within beautiful Cattaragus County. We own and operate 125 acres of a New York State permitted sand and gravel mining operation within our property. We also operate a state of the art wash plant that produces finished fine and coarse aggregate products.

John M. Clarey earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester in 1970 and a Juris Doctorate Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School in 1973.  Mr. Clarey is admitted to practice law in New York State.  Mr. Clarey was a co-founder and President of Envirogas Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production company that grew to have over 300 employees and 1500 wells, with operations in eight states from 1976 to 1996.  Mr. Clarey was also co-founder and Chairman of Integrated Gas Marketing Inc., a natural gas marketing company.  He also owned and operated Woodlands Management Ltd., a timber harvesting company.  In 1996 he co-founded Glacial Aggregates LLC which purchased the raw land that became known as Glacial’s Delevan mine upon receipt of the New York State DEC mining permit.  Mr. Clarey coordinated outside counsel during the extended and arduous zoning battle with the town of Yorkshire which ultimately resulted in a New York State Court of Appeals decision confirming Glacial’s absolute right to conduct sand and gravel mining operations on its property.  His business and legal experience in natural resource development uniquely qualify him for the sand and gravel industry.  Mr. Clarey is a co-founder and Member/Owner of Glacial Materials, LLC.  He is the President/Manager of the company.

Keith J. Scheetz received an Associates Degree in Civil Engineering from Alfred State College.  Mr. Scheetz has more than twenty years experience in the aggregates industry.  He has served in such capacities as General Superintendent and Vice President of Operations for several large regional operations.  His various responsibilities included land acquisition and permitting, plant design and construction, purchasing plant and equipment, and asphalt plant design, construction and operation.  After his last employer sold all Western New York operations to a large out of state aggregates operator, Mr. Scheetz has been a consultant to other industry participants, including Glacial Aggregates LLC.  He is very familiar with Glacial’s Delevan mine located in the Town of Yorkshire, Cattaraugus County, New York, including the significant volume and high quality of the sand and gravel deposits.  He has been instrumental in specifying the necessary plant, equipment and facilities for the mine's operations.  Mr. Scheetz is a co-founding Member/Owner of Glacial Materials, LLC and serves as the Vice President of Operations.

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